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Business Rally investor day - call for startups to apply

Business Rally investor day - call for startups to apply

BSJKL-rally-bannerit-1240x4502Are you running a scale-up company looking for investment? Do you want to grow your business to new markets? Are you interested in international angel network to boost your business? 

Join the selected group of investors attending to the Business Rally Investor Day – Make connections, learn from experts and pitch in front of the world’s best angel investors. 

Eight seats are available for ten-minute-pitch and ten-minutes Q&A with the Jury. Members of the jury are European Business Angel Board members representing countries of origin from Finland, Estonia, Switzerland, UK and France. Startups selected to participate at the event will will receive confirmation from the jury on 20th September.

Criteria to apply

Jury is looking for investment ready startups to pitch at the event that have:

  • Innovative business idea that is scalable and can be fitted to more than just one market
  • Evidence of customer traction as well as commited and competent team
  • The ability to attract the attention of angel investors (you may bring current investor to the pitching event along with the start up team)
  • Clear ask for investors to join in and why this opportunity can’t be missed
  • Company based in Finland

How to apply

Applications can be admitted via Dealum-tool that quides you to fill in necessary information about your company. Pitch deck material and introduction videos can also be uploaded.

Send your company pitch deck to the Business Rally Investor Day Dealroom in Dealum. Investor Day Jury consisting on EBAN board members will screen and evaluate applications and will select 8 best applications to pitch on the Investor Day main stage on 1st or 2nd October. 

Submit your application by 17th September.

Send your application

What we offer:

  • Free access to the Business Rally Investor Day event and 10 + 10 -minute pitching slot on the main stage
  • Possibility to pitch in front of the European and and Finnish investors on our event & live stream
  • Access to the Business Rally Investors Day Dealroom for screening
  • Free ticket to the Rally Finland VIP Harju Special Stage with organisers & investors
  • Profile listed on the event website and promotional campaigns
  • Access to the Brella event networking app where you can book meetings with investors

Business Jyväskylä offers an opportunity for companies to join the event. Teams will pay for their own travel and accommodation costs.

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