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International talent recruitment

The solution to the company’s labour shortage may be the recruitment of an international talent. Hiring a foreign employee has been proven to bring a number of benefits.

International talent can strengthen the company’s international business operations and diverse customer relationships, or help the company take its first step towards internationalisation.

Diverse work communities have also been proven to be productive and innovative. When a company has employees with different backgrounds and training profiles, cooperation is more fruitful and the company is better equipped to develop new solutions and services.

If you want to recruit international talent, you are in the right place! Business Development Services has compiled useful information and tips for employers regarding international recruitment.

International recruitment guide

In Business Finland’s guide to international recruitment, you will find instructions for recruiting, starting work and official matters. The guide, drawn up in spring 2021, is a comprehensive information package that is worth checking out. From the table of contents, you can easily navigate to the different themes of the guide.

Download the guide

Remember to check the right to work! The most significant difference from hiring a Finnish citizen is the obligation to check the employee’s right to work in Finland. You can also find concise instructions on how to recruit international talent on the Job Market Finland website

Local services to support international recruitment

The Hoksautus project – bringing talent to Central Finland

The aim of the Hoksautus project managed by the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences is to encourage and help companies in Central Finland to employ international talent. The aim of the project is to lower the threshold for employers in Central Finland to hire international talent, to increase awareness of international talent recruitment tools and to carry out experiments to attract talent to Central Finland. 

International House Jyväskylä services

As part of the International Jyväskylä services, the Centre of Expertise for Immigrants helps micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the Jyväskylä region to find and hire foreign workers and provides support related to intercultural communication. The service is free of charge.

Contact Timo Kiiveri on tel. +358 50 366 2556.

 Read more on the city’s website

Hiring a skilled employee from abroad to Finland – national services

Work in Finland – national consulting service

The Employer Advice Centre for International Recruitment on the Work in Finland website provides companies and employers with information and guidance on matters related to the recruitment of international talent, hiring and permit processes, and settling in Finland. 

Read more

Jobs in Finland website

Advertise your vacancy free of charge on the Jobs in Finland website

The EURES network

EURES (European Employment Services) is a European cooperation network and public service which enables employers and workers to meet more easily throughout Europe. Find out more about EURES services.

Programmes, projects and funding for the recruitment of international talents

  • Relocation services: The Kokka kohti Suomea project, funded by the EU (ESF), helps to recruit international talent by paying up to 80% of the costs of relocation services.
  • Information on the employment of a foreign employee can be found on the Suomi.fi website.
  • You can find information on the work permit services on the Job Market Finland website.
  • Learn more about Talent funding. This is suitable for SMEs and midcap companies that want to improve their capabilities for international growth by creating working, organisational and management practices that support it, as well as the ability to increase the amount of international talent in Finnish companies.
  • The Talent Boost programme attracts talent and aims to make it easier to settle in Finland.
  • The Osaajaväylä route to Finland attracts and helps Finnish citizens who have been living abroad to return to and settle in Finland.
  • The Workplace Diversity Programme promotes the access of immigrants to positions and career advancement corresponding to their skills.






The HOKSAUTUS project connects central Finnish companies and international experts. The project is implemented in cooperation with JAMK, the University of Jyväskylä, Central Finland's TE office and Central Finland's Chamber of Commerce. The project is financed by the European Union Social Fund and Central Finland ELY Center.


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