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The new Hippos of Jyväskylä

Our joint sports and wellbeing centre

Jyväskylä is the sports capital of Finland – the whole city is involved in exercise and its promotion. The new Hippos offers city residents and clubs a great setting for sports and professional training. The area’s current sports facilities are outdated and their renovation is not economically viable.

Most importantly, the new Hippos will provide facilities and training opportunities for a wider range of sports – nearly twenty of them. The number of sports slots available will increase by 50%, as the new sports facilities are modern and adaptable. At the same time, we will have more recreational opportunities for all users. Hobbies and club activities for children and young people will continue in the new premises at a reasonable price.

In addition to the new sports centre, skills centre, ice arena and practice ice rinks, an experiential sports park will be built in the outdoor area.

The long appeal process, which delayed the project, was completed in February 2023. Hippos Ky, a company owned by the City of Jyväskylä and Sepos Oy, is now taking the project forward. The delay caused by complaints has changed the conditions for the start of the project, so the financial and implementation plans in particular need to be renegotiated. The aim is to get a start-up decision for the project in spring 2023.

Internationally significant and unique Hippos

When completed, Hippos will be not only a meeting place for city’s residents, but also the Nordic region’s most significant centre for exercise, sports from hobby to top-level, health promotion, well-being and events. In addition to this, it will combine physical activity research and technological product development into an internationally significant entity.

With its year-round – and nearly round-the-clock – operations, Hippos will become a national and international attraction factor in Jyväskylä.


What will the new Hippos feature?

  • Sports centre: indoor arena with stands for 2,000 people; multi-purpose sports fields; facilities for athletics; gymnastics, martial arts, and group exercise facilities; a sports day care centre and a shop
  • Skills centre: premises for research, teaching, offices, and businesses; restaurants; cafés and conference rooms, as well as some sports facilities
  • The ice arena will be implemented as a renovation and extension of the old ice arena, resulting in sports stands for nearly 6,000 people and concert stands for more than 7,000 people.
  • Three practice ice rinks
  • Sports park
  • New parking spaces

Some of the training facilities in the new Hippos are designed to be flexible and adaptable. This enables a wider range of sports enthusiasts and clubs to rent and utilise the facilities.


Hippos has facilities for the following sports, among others:

Group 453


Group 449


Path 1084


Path 1085


Path 1104


Group 446


Group 450


Path 1078

Table tennis

Group 448


Path 1139

Figure skating

Path 1074

Rink ball

Group 445

Artistic gymnastics

Group 456

  Team gymnastics

Group 452


Group 455


Path 1069

Martial arts

Group 447


The new premises will provide locations for:









Business activities and new jobs, among other things


Hippos will provide an internationally high-quality framework for research in the field, technological product development and business operations. Hippos will also be an inspiring environment for close innovation cooperation between businesses, educational institutions and the city. The operations created by the new premises will employ an estimated 600 people directly and over 300 indirectly. 

Group 347

     Welfare companies

Group 348

      Research and teaching

Group 349

    Top sports and coaching

City of Jyväskylä’s contribution to the project

The total investment in the project is approximately 200 million euros. The city is investing 23 million euros in the company that owns Hippos and becoming one of the company’s shareholders. For the next 30 years, the city undertakes to spend 5 million euros purchasing sports slots for sports clubs. The fee is tied to the cost of living index. In addition to this, the city is committed to paying a maximum of 1 million euros per year for sports equipment in the facilities to be used by sports clubs.

As a shareholder of Hippos Ky, the city receives income from the company and property taxes totalling approximately 3 million euros per year. Hippos will generate approximately 5 million euros in indirect revenue annually as jobs and tax revenue, and up to 10 million euros during construction.

Basic information about the new Hippos – frequently asked questions




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