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Trust and shared values are becoming increasingly important in the creation of networks.

Although the important role of different networks is to support the growth of companies, this cannot be achieved without the creation of a common value base and shared trust. Successful companies build an operating culture where cooperation, shared values and an atmosphere create a common competitive advantage in the global market.

We have a unique Jyväskylä spirit among companies in Jyväskylä. This means that we network with curiosity, help our friends and cooperate across industry boundaries.

City of Jyväskylä Business Development Services, together with its business service network, offers services for business establishment, growth, financing, premises and plots of land, as well as for finding talent and the right networks. We also actively develop the business environment in the area together with various operators. All our projects involve private companies, educational institutions and research organisations as operators and investors.

Urban development platforms

The City of Jyväskylä is investing heavily in building international-level business and workplace clusters, which focus on combining business and research activities, creating various piloting opportunities and international business. Excellent facilities and new housing solutions are included in every development project.


Key sectors

Jyväskylä’s key sectors are our regional strengths, in which we invest heavily in research, education and business. There are currently four key sectors: Exercise and well-being, industry renewal, ICT and cyber security, and education expertise and export.

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Innovation ecosystems

The business ecosystem in the Jyväskylä region is constantly developing, and the operating environments are developed together with companies and organisations. In the 2020s, the success and competitiveness of companies require anticipation as well as the ability to change and innovate. Above all, new ways of responding to global challenges are needed. Resource wisdom, integrating the opportunities of digitalisation into business and guaranteeing people’s well-being require joint development and solution work.

The aim of Busines Development Service’s ecosystem and value networking work is to bring together companies, organisations and educational and research institutions in the region, which together generate new expertise, innovations and business and increase the international competitiveness of Finland as a whole. 

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