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An ecosystem for exercise, health promotion and well-being

HHub is a rapidly growing ecosystem of wellness and exercise knowledge and competence that supports the performance and well-being of humans holistically. The ideology is based on preventive promotion of health and well-being and performance optimisation. The way of thinking can be summarised as ‘wellness, not illness’. The ecosystem for promoting physical, psychological and social well-being and performance is truly holistic, encompassing everything from technology to nutrition, remote rehabilitation to motivation and brain research. 

The goal of the HHub ecosystem is to promote the development and growth of business in the industry through research and business networks. 

HHub – the flagship of smart well-being and performance

HHub is strongly rooted around the most significant sports and wellness centre in the Nordic countries, Hippos. Hippos is a EUR 150 million investment located in Jyväskylä.

The basis of the HHub ecosystem is Jyväskylä’s strong expertise in sports and health sciences, which has been ranked 8th best in the world among sports science faculties by ShanghaiRanking. Strong RDI expertise in ecosystem work is also provided by the Kihu research centre for competitive and top sports and the Likes foundation for physical activity and public health, whose research units are located in Jyväskylä. JAMK University of Applied Sciences’ Institution of Rehabilitation is also an important development partner. These form a good basis on which to establish extensive international network cooperation. 




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Nina Rautiainen

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