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A good business network accelerates the company’s growth and development and brings in new customers. In addition to the unique business atmosphere, the Jyväskylä region offers traditional influencer networking, high-quality educational institution cooperation and a new kind of value-based community spirit.

The Jyväskylä region has a strong, diverse and international research and education network. Through their research activities, the University and the University of Applied Sciences support the development of growth-oriented companies in the region. For experts graduating from educational institutions, a job in the Jyväskylä region would be a great option.

The business ecosystem in our region is constantly developing, and the operating environments are developed in close cooperation with companies and partner networks. Cooperation takes place at local, national and international levels.

There are many different networks and communities in Jyväskylä that you can get acquainted with from the list below.

Let us know about new communities

New business networks and communities are constantly being created. Let us know if there is a local business network or business-oriented community missing from our list that is open to new members.

Let us know about new communities

Find a partner

If you need a business partner, you can start your search in the business service directory of Jyväskylä-based companies offering expert services. Services are mainly in Finnish.

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Regional networks

National networks

International networks

Research and training networks

Theme-driven networks

More and more companies are growing their expertise and business through networks built around different themes. These networks differ from influencer networks in that they share a shared mission or value base for which the companies working in the network work. Good examples of such networks are Business Development Service’s business ecosystems and value networks. 

Examples of theme-driven networks in the region are:


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