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Locate in Jyväskylä

Have you thought about expanding your business to Jyväskylä? The City of Jyväskylä’s Soft Landing Services will help you successfully launch your operations.

We offer the best customer service in Finland for companies setting up operations in Jyväskylä

It is important for us to offer the best possible service to the companies setting up in the region, as we know that it is possible to succeed in the region with new innovative business concepts. Let’s work together to build a success story.

What do Soft Landing Services offer?

Soft Landing Services provide companies seeking business growth with assistance for a practical operational start-up and the establishment of business premises in the area. We actively support and assist in the following areas:

•    location planning, opportunities and networks in the area
•    business premises and business plots
•    support in the recruitment of staff
•    contacts in acquisition
•    regional knowledge to support establishing operations.

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"When you think about how many cities we have launched in recent years, there has never been such an active and warm welcome as here. Jyväskylä has been great to welcome a new company, we have been immensely honoured by this."

CEO Päivi Linden, Juvenes Oy


"Business Development Services, and especially Harri Heinänen, was a big help to us in finding suitable premises and getting everyone together so quickly."

Advisor Niko Tuominen, eCraft Oy


"We didn't even know this kind of service was available to entrepreneurs. Harri (Heinänen) made us feel really welcome! He was actively in touch and helped with the process of establishing operations here."

CEO Sari Myllys, Komppi Oy

Tips for opening your premises smoothly

Be visible and active – a strong employer image helps in recruitment

Jyväskylä has about 40,000 students – future experts, many of whom will stay in the city once they have found a suitable job. There is fierce competition for good talent, and companies should invest in visibility, employer image and active cooperation between educational institutions.

Courageously collaborate and network

We talk about the Jyväskylä spirit. New companies are warmly welcomed and issues are addressed optimistically from the perspective of future business growth. We have space for your plans and new energy in our networks. Become a part of our networks, where you can even find new customers and partners.

Feel free to contact us

You can leave a contact request and we will be happy to tell you more about Soft Landing Services and opportunities in the area. 

Contact us!

Would you like to learn more about our Soft Landing Services? Leave us a contact request, and we'll talk more.

Harri Heinänen

Harri Heinänen
Director of Soft Landing Services
+358 40 064 3298


Tanja Rönn
Project Manager, Lintukangas and other business sites
+358 40 481 8920