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Hero-Yrityksen perustaminen-Starttiraha

Start-up grant

The start-up grant is a discretionary income support granted by the state for full-time entrepreneurs starting up operations. The start-up grant is personal, taxable income that is paid to the entrepreneur to cover their living expenses. Please note that the start-up grant is not granted to people who area already full-time entrepreneurs. If you wish to apply for the start-up grant, please contact the TE Services/municipal work trial at an early stage. If you want to apply for a start-up grant, do not register your company before being granted the start-up grant.

Who can receive a start-up grant?

The start-up grant is subject to general and local terms and conditions, which you can find out more about on the Job Market Finland website and from K-S Yritysidea’s experts. Companies operating in highly competitive sectors do not usually receive start-up grants.

The general conditions for the grant are:

  • the future business operations are intended to be ongoing and the applicant’s main job
  • sufficient entrepreneurial capacity of the applicant
  • ability to operate in the industry in question
  • the completed business plan and operations are assessed as being profitable
  • prerequisites for starting a business, such as financing, business premises and permits.

The start-up grant is not granted if:

  • full-time entrepreneurial activity has begun before the start-up grant decision
  • the applicant is already working full-time as an entrepreneur
  • the business provides a reasonable living immediately.
  • the entrepreneur has unpaid tax arrears or disruption in payments

The start-up grant can be applied for at the nearest TE Office. Start-up grants must be applied for before starting full-time entrepreneurship.

Amount of the start-up grant

The amount of the start-up grant corresponds to the basic daily allowance and it is paid for a maximum of five days a week (approximately €700/month). The start-up grant is granted for periods of six months and for a maximum of one year.

Who should I ask for advice when applying for a start-up grant?

It is natural to explore the possibility of a start-up grant while planning your business operations with the support of experts from K-S Yritysidea, for example. 

Our business coordinators help unemployed job-seekers who are involved in a municipal employment trial and are considering full-time entrepreneurship.

When applying for a start-up grant

  1. Start-up grants must be applied for before starting full-time entrepreneurship. Submit your application well in advance of the intended start, so that we can process your application in time.
  2. If your company is just an idea or project, first apply to work on your business with K-S Yritysidea’s services.
  3. The business plan and profitability calculations must be finalised before submitting the application.
  4. Submit your start-up grant application electronically via TE Services online. When you submit all the appendices to the self-service portal at the same time, the processing time (normally 3–4 weeks) will be faster.
  5. We will contact you when your application is received.

Required appendices for the start-up grant application

  • business plan
  • profitability calculations
  • tax debt certificate that is less than three months old
  • loan promise for external financing, if applicable.


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