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Business at the forefront of sustainable development

Eteläportti is an area covering 40 hectares that is well on its way to becoming the most modern service hub for the manufacturing industry in Europe. Eteläportti’s vision is to be more communal, more digitally agile and more resource-smart than any other development environment. Eteläportti is an inspiring development environment for companies and skilled employees.

Eteläportti offers an inspiring development environment as well as shared systems that facilitate the everyday life of companies and employees. The goal is to use smart technology to help distribute human, machine and equipment resources cost-effectively. Eteläportti is a unique opportunity for cooperation between companies and research institutes.  

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Eteläportti for sustainable operators

Eteläportti is the new standard for smart hybrid zones. The new high-tech business area meets the needs of the manufacturing industry and a variety of production and business premises. The residential area that is currently being built, the retail and specialty store projects that are being planned, and the projects of the local sports facility, will form a uniformly competitive modern development environment in the Eteläportti area.

You still have time to become part of the growth of Eteläportti. The price of the plots starts from €13/m2. Renting a plot is also possible. More information about the plots is available from the Map Service. A plot can be applied for by e-mail with a free-form application.  We are happy to help you in choosing a plot.


Interested in Eteläportti? Contact us, we will be happy to tell you more!

Heikki Kinnunen

Heikki Kinnunen
Project Manager Eteläportti,
Industrial Specialist
+358 50 434 2450