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Seed Village Accelerator Program – Growth opportunities for your team!

Seed Village Accelerator Program – Growth opportunities for your team!

Sami ikkunallaSeed Village Growth Accelerator Program 2021 is designed for companies creating health solutions.

Is your team focusing on creating success with commercialization of novel innovation? The program is providing R&D partners for product development and coaching of how to get fUNDED while creating impact on wellbeing.

Seed Village provides help in product development, increases the company’s awareness on impact and responsibility as part of your business strategy, and gives insight on how to upgrade the readiness for the funding round.

This program is for the company that

  • creates products or services in global health & wellbeing
  • is in the early stages of growth; the team has a track record of breaking one million in cumulative revenue
  • can present a credible growth plan for the next three years; has identified development needs and growth challenges
  • has a dedicated team but has not yet made funding round to speed up growth
  • needs solid validation to their solution with R&D activities to boost growth
  • is open for partnership in the ecosystem with others

Seed Village is open for applications between 18.8. – 17.9.2021.

Meet top growth experts from Kasvu Open, Jyväskylä Startup Factory and network on Howspace workspace specially designed for Seed Village. Find out cooperation opportunities with Business Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences and the University of Jyväskylä. Through the partners, you can get coaching, for example, on the development of cybersecurity, the utilization of AWS services, or the validation and design of products and services based on research as well as meet financiers.


  • Networks and coaching on a digital Seed Village online workspace 24/7
  • Growth analysis: comparison of your company’s situation compared to other companies in the field
  • Assistance in proving the customer benefits of your service
  • Tools for impact and responsibility validation of your business
  • You will meet growth experts and investors who are coaching your business 
  • Contacts and advice on how to increase product development resources
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