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Recruitment services for companies – we’ll help you find the right talent

Hiring a new employee always requires resources from the company. Save time and money by taking advantage of the City of Jyväskylä’s free recruitment services. Recruitment services are aimed in particular at hiring unemployed job-seekers. Remember that when you hire an unemployed job-seeker, you can in many cases also receive financial support: pay subsidy and municipal supplement.

Job Market Finland

Are you looking for an employee with an open ad? Through Job Market Finland, you can easily publish your jobs in the Open Positions section on the TE Services website. Log in to the online services at Job Market Finland as a ‘Company and employer’ and post a job advertisement.

Candidate search

The candidate search is a quick and cost-effective way to find out if there are people among the job seekers who are suitable for the role and meet your search criteria. We will save you time by finding suitable candidates for you. You will receive a ready-made shortlist from which you can choose and invite candidates to an interview.

The candidate search is a popular service that has been used for a long time by Jyväskylä-based Foodin, for example.

Contact our business coordinators to find out more!

Work trial

A work trial is a risk-free way for an employer to consider hiring a new employee and getting to know the potential employee. In a work trial, the employee receives the same unemployment benefit they receive while unemployed and the employee is not employed by the employer. A work trial agreement is concluded between the job-seeker and the employer. The duration of this work trial is 1–6 months.

The purpose of the work trial is to familiarise the parties with each other and the work. The job-seeker is not required to have previous knowledge of the job in question, as the employer instructs and supports the person in getting acquainted with the job. Ask our business coordinators for more information!

Helppo Rekry

Helppo Rekry is a low-threshold ‘one-company recruitment event’ taking place at the premises of the company that is recruiting.

Our business coordinators select and pre-interview suitable job-seekers for the open position and come visit the company together. The visit does not bind either party, but it is an opportunity to get to know the job-seekers and present your company as a workplace. After the visit, the company will have the opportunity to continue discussions with suitable candidates. The service is free of charge for companies.

The Helppo Rekry service has been utilised by Monetra in Jyväskylä, for example.


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The on-call business coordinator can be reached at +358 14 569 1332 on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. You can also leave your contact information and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.

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