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Investor Day for Startups

Jyväskylä Business Rally Investor Day features 8 curated companies raising either seed funding or series A rounds who will be presenting their business cases for investment. All the companies will be pre-screened and selected by the Investor Day Jury. Members of the jury are representing European and Finnish Business Angel Board members and Cefmof.

The Jury is looking for investment ready start-ups to pitch at the event that offer solutions for sustainability, carbon neutrality, performance and well-being and have: 

  • innovative business idea that is scalable and can be fitted to more than just one market
  • evidence of customer traction as well as commited and competent team
  • the ability to attract the attention of angel investors (you may bring current investor to the pitching event along with the start up team)
  • clear ask for investors to join in and why this opportunity can’t be missed
Investor Day winner will be evaluated on the basis of the presentation quality/personal impact, clear vision, market position, financial projections and business planning, investment approach and management team.

3 ways for companies to apply for the Investor Day 2024:

1.  Direct application for the Business Rally Investor Day via Dealum for all companies around the world. Application period is now open until 1st of June, apply via Dealum!

2. Business Rally Shakedown in May at the Startup Factory - pre-screening for Jyväskylä-based companies. Two companies will be selected from the Shakedown. More information from marko@yritystehdas.fi 

3. International Venture Academy is an investor programme for growth ventures. Two startups will be selected from IVA programme to pitch at the Investor Day. More information from nina.rautiainen@jyvaskyla.fi 

Winner of the Jyväskylä Business Rally Investor Day receive

  • Pitching slot at the European Angel Investment Summit (EAIS) on either 15th or 16th of October 2024 in Brussels. 
  • Ticket to attend the EAIS for the founders and their angel/VC investors; granting full access to all parts of the program.
  • Access to networking app and one to one meetings to connect with investors.
  • Winner will be announced by the end of the Investor Day 1st of August.

Event partner Cefmof offers one nominated start-up the opportunity to join a 2-year incubation program at the Yritystehdas, Startup Factory in Jyväskylä. Read more about the program here.

Selected startups 2023

Investment ready startups pitching at the Business Rally Investor Day 2023 are:


Problem summary
Work productivity is often attempted to be grown by increasing the workload. Effects of this increased workload often goes unnoticed until it starts to manifest as exhaustion and decreased engagement. The desired increase in productivity turns into the opposite.
Solution summary
Sparky® is a digital service that helps to know how a person and their work community is doing, what's the reason for it, and how to lead it. Sparky® takes you straight to the core of leadership and sustainable performance. It also helps to take the action needed in each situation.

Investment sought: € 350 000 – 500 000




Problem Summary
Over 4 million deaths every year are either solely caused by or attributable to antibiotic resistant bacterial infections. The need for alternative antibacterial therapies is acute, but none are available. This need is pressuring the legislation towards making current experimental therapies such as phage therapy a standard alternative to antibiotics. 

Solution summary
Phages are beneficial viruses infecting and killing bacteria – their natural enemies. Phages are very host specific, which means that a large collection is required for their wide utilization. Nevertheless, phages are already being employed in experimental therapies, but the advances in biotechnology is setting the stage for their routine use. PrecisionPhage houses a collection of 1400 bacteriophages against the most important bacterial pathogens along with other necessary IP. This places us in a strong position for leveraging the therapeutic and commercial potential of bacteriophages. We are providing innovative solutions for healthcare providers, research institutions, and businesses in the field.  

Investment sought:200 000 - 500 000 


Neuwo AI Reviews 2023: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

Neuwo AI

Problem summary
Publishers and ad-tech companies are facing a significant challenge with the deprecation of tracking cookies. Due to that, online advertisement must move from targeting based on behavior to focusing into user interest. This means contextual targeting. Now there are companies that crawl and scrape publishers’ websites and then sell analysed info back to them. In overall this will lead to a huge loss of advertisement income and so moving contents behind payment walls. 

Solution summary
Neuwo stands out by offering a unique advantage in contextual targeting for publishers. Unlike its competitors, Neuwo enriches publishers’ own metadata instead of crawling or scraping it away. Neuwo’s powerful NLP algorithms creates semantical understanding from the text and identifies keywords, entities, sentiment, and other relevant attributes like IAB -contextual taxonomy tier levels.

Investment sought: € 500,000 – € 1 000 000



ImpactOS by AskKauko

Problem summary:
50,000 large EU companies are facing unseen demands to report ESG (i.e. sustainability) data from their supply chains. New demands will indirectly impact globally nearly all companies. Currently only less than 1% of the companies report ESG data. The share needs to rapidly rise close to 100% - only in 2 years. Because of the lack of data, 72% of investors globally don’t believe companies will achieve their ESG commitments. it is generally agreed among investors that companies that excel in ESG deserve a premium.

Solution summary:
ImpactOS is a B2B software solution that automates the collection of ESG data for large companies by empowering SMEs to measure and report with free tools. Besides enabling compliance, ImpactOS will deliver value beyond reporting by accelerating the global flows of Green Investments, creating sustainable jobs, and helping to restore Planetary Boundaries back to safe operating space.

Investment sought:  € 1,000,000 - 2,000,000


ACT logo

ACT Head Impact Tracker

Problem summary
NSII is the developer of ACT Head Impact Tracker, measuring device for impacts and forces acting on a head in sports.

Frequent impacts and violent forces acting on a head occur in multiple sports, on all levels, genders and age groups. They may cause Traumatic Brain Injury, contribute to brain diseases, and affect performance. The modern medicine can do very little if things go that far. Prevention is the key. And it starts and is successfully managed with data.

Solution summary
We at Northern Sports Insight and Intelligence have developed ACT Head Impact Tracker, measuring device for impacts and forces acting on a head while doing sports. Data ACT generates can help preventing unnecessary head impacts and violent forces acting on a head in sports, while helping them to maintain their unique features.

Investment sought: € 100,000 - 350,000


Etusivu - ONIT Sport - Nuoren urheilijan psyykkinen valmennus

ONIT Sport

Problem Summary
ONIT X MIND@sport concept helps athletes to perform at their best by increasing wellbeing & mental skills in action.

MIND@sport App helps athletes to improve their wellbeing, mental skills and performance with high quality, affordable and scalable ready to go- model. App is already used by over 1500 users. The interactive pedagogical model has been tested approved by Finnish Olympic committee in 5/2023.

Solution summary
We help athletes, coaches and parents to support and enhance theirs and athletes wellbeing and mental skills in action with affordable, ready to go & high quality scaleble App.

Investment sought: € 500,000 - 800,000


About Us - EAS

EAS Project

Problem summary
We open the world for e-commerce by automating cross-border compliance.

500 online stores sell 58% of all EU cross-border sales (source: CBcommerce) VAT compliance for companies selling cross-border is over 10% (source: EU Commission) UK e-commerce exports to EU fell by 50% only in January 2021 (source: Royal Mail) TAX and customs compliance issues are the main reason why e-merchants are not expanding to new markets

Solution summary
EAS solution is no-code, making onboarding simple, fast and cost-efficient We support all VAT schemes in various countries, providing support and scalability for all business models. We are reliable, we are already being recommend by industry leaders like Royal Mail and Shopify Full automation means simple daily and monthly operation

Investment sought: € 5,000,000 - 7,000,000



Problem summary

Solution summary

Investment sought: € 






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